Potato medallions filled with burrata
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Potato medallions filled with burrata

Medallions with burrata are the result of much culinary research, creating a unique dish in terms of flavours and textures. A soft and delicate potato-based layer contains a burrata filling, which when cooked reveals all its creamy deliciousness. The medallions’ distinctive trait is that they can be cooked in many different ways. Try frying them, for example, you'll love the result.

This pasta is made from a dough of rehydrated potato flakes filled with a mixture of burrata, cream and other ingredients, to be then shaped and packaged in modified atmosphere.

Cooking and condiment tips:
Excellent when fried as a starter/appetizer. For the classic version, drain and serve with oil and parmesan cheese or, if desired, with a light tomato sauce.

Cooking time: 3 minutes

Best before end: 21 dd
Nutritional information
 Format 200 g 
 Formato da 500 g 
 Formato da 1500 g 

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