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Artisanal pasta factory    


My passion for fresh pasta began in the 1970s when, making the most of my family’s experience, I opened “Raviolino d’Oro” in the heart of Cinisello Balsamo, a small shop that made fresh homemade pasta.

From the onset my driving motivation was to offer all clients a premium-quality product, personally overseeing every production stage with the same care given to making a meal for my family.

I achieved this by keeping the values I deemed essential unchanged, namely the search for and selection of the best raw materials, the perfect combination of ingredients, and the unwavering desire to understand and meet the needs of each client.

“Raviolino d’Oro” developed with this in mind, transforming into today’s “Pastificio Barosi”, a modern pasta factory that spans over 2000m2. Following the recipes of Italian culinary tradition and complying with the strictest food production standards, “Pastificio Barosi” combines food production, artisanal methods and technological innovation to offer exclusively flavoursome high-quality products.

This is Pastificio Barosi:
"a world of pasta filled with genuine passion."

Franca Barosi

Our certifications:

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