Pastificio Barosi
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A perfect symphony of flavors
Just a few high quality raw materials combined to create an absolutely perfect product…
a world of pasta, filled with pure passion!
A perfect symphony of flavors
About us

We make homemade pasta by taking a fundamentally modern approach. For years we have made a wide range of pasta with only premium-quality ingredients, in order to bring the excellence of tradition to your table.
Traditional fresh pasta

Franca Barosi is a determined woman driven by a passion for pasta making. Her dedication has given our historical pasta factory with the contemporary flair it needed, creating pasta that conveys a pure and perfect harmony of flavours.
Our fresh pasta catalogue
Traditional stuffed fresh pasta

made by following the original recipe to the smallest detail
Homemade stuffed fresh pasta

made with care and experience
Fresh egg

the main ingredient is egg (only of the finest quality)

one of the most adored Italian recipes, available in many different types

filled with fresh burrata cheese from Apulia!
Best seller and news
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