Our certifications of quality and food hygiene
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Our certifications of quality and food hygiene    

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We are convinced that operating in the food sector, even at artisan level, still calls on an in-depth knowledge of microbiology, food preservation, the hygienic maintenance of structures/equipment and, in general, all aspects of 'food hygiene’ with respect to both national and European laws.

To this end, driven by a constant striving for excellence, we adopted the I.F.S. benchmark in 2011. (International Food Standard) and, since 2017, the B.R.C. standard (British Retail Consortium) has also been achieved, i.e. quality and health-safety management systems recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative of CIES - The Food Business Forum, the international organization comprising C.E.O.s and senior managers of almost 400 retailers (with almost 200,000 stores) and producers (both large and small-scale).

Both standards are accepted and required by the majority of agri-food retailers and are focused on food quality and hygiene/safety, adopting the H.A.C.C.P. methodology as a reference for planning and implementation of practices.

The main principles of these quality standards are:
  • the implementation of best practiceso
  • the implementation of an H.A.C.C.P. system
  • the implementation of a proven quality management system
  • the control of standards for the working environment, product, process and personnel
  • the existence of appropriate specifications for:
    • raw materials (including packaging materials)
    • finished product
    • intermediate products/semi-finished products (where required)
    • monitoring of suppliers
    • site location
    • the accumulation, collection and disposal of waste material
    • standards of hygiene and organisation for staff
    • procedural checks
Every year, therefore, our company undergoes strict external audits and passes them by achieving excellent results and the release of the relevant certifications by the auditing agency Bureau Veritas.

IFS 2019 / 2020
BRC 2019 / 2020