Fresh egg pasta
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Fresh egg pasta

where the main ingredient is the egg (always of the best quality)

Making egg pasta is a genuine art. And it could not be otherwise, considering the delicacies that can be created with three simple ingredients: egg, flour and water. But having grown up savouring the delectable dishes of Italian cuisine, we are perfectly aware that simplicity is often a powerful strong point. When making pappardelle, tagliatelle, tagliolini and other types of egg pasta, Pastificio Barosi focuses on offering old time flavours for your table on a daily basis, with all the emotion imbued in every artisanal product.

‘Chitarra’ spaghetti

Black sepia tagliolini pasta

Bronze-drawn fusilli

Bronze-drawn maccheroncini

Bronze-drawn maccheroncini_CLONE

Bronze-drawn paccheri

Dough for pizzoccheri

Lasagne sheets

Ligurian trofie pasta

Paglia e fieno (straw and hay) pasta


Tagliatelle pasta

Tagliatelle pasta_CLONE

Tagliatelle pasta_CLONE



Trenette pasta with blueberries


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